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Contour Corsets Online Measurement Guide
- For printing and mailing only - 

I recommend that you have someone take these measurements for you using this guide, but if this is not possible and you measure yourself then be sure to follow this guide as closely as possible and measure carefully, preferably in front of a mirror for reference.   To take these measurements you will need a cloth measurement tape like is found in the sewing department of any variety or department store.  You will also need a pen to make necessary marks for reference on your body, and a belt that is about 4 cm or 1-1/2 inches wide that you can fasten snugly around your waist, again as a necessary reference point.  When taking these measurements be sure to record only the actual measured size to the nearest centimeter or ½” , and do not pull the tape tight or give me ‘vanity measurements’ as this would result in a corset that would not fit you.  Only record the actual measurements you get from this guide.

It is also recommended to take corset measurements early in the day or after sleeping and before eating because the spine is straightest and longest during this time and your torso will be leanest before breakfast.  It is also best to take these measurements wearing only underwear and no other clothing.  Women should wear their preferred bra when taking these measurements. 

  • Begin by standing and take your natural waist measurement and record below in box (1).  The corseted waist will be set in the space that is between the top of the pelvic bone and the lowest floating ribs.
  • Measure around your underbust - for men this is at the base of your pectoral muscles, for women it is at the underside of your bra cups.   Record the measurement below (2).
  • Women, take a basic measurement of the gap between the breasts, and write this down for your cleavage (3).  Men, measure between the prominence of your pectoral muscles for this.
  • Women please record your bra cup size (4).  If there is any special consideration needed for contour here please make a note and I will get more information through correspondence. 
  • Place the belt that you have available around your waist and fasten it snugly enough that it settles into your natural waist.   This reference belt is tightened so that the top of the pelvic bone can be felt and seen, and be sure that the lower edge of the belt is resting on the top of the pelvis on both sides.  This line will be where the lower edge of the corset waist will sit.   The bottom edge of the belt is the horizontal line from which all of the vertical measurements are taken.  (Remember to always use the BOTTOM edge of the belt in taking the vertical measurements)  Measure from the bottom of the belt on either the left or right side of center, to the underbust (5).  Be sure that this point is above the lowest part of the sternum - if your sternum is above the underbust please let me know.  Again, the underbust point on men is just at the bottom of the pectoral muscle, and on women it is at the underside of your bra cup
  • Now take a sitting position with your knees together and make a mark at the point in the front between your thighs where you want the bottom of the corset to sit.  Take the measurement from this point to the bottom of the belt and record the measurement below (6)
  • While still sitting take the measurement from the bottom of the belt to the top of either your left or right center thigh.  This should allow for enough room for you to sit comfortably and the bottom of the corset should not sit right against your lap but be just above it (7). 
  • Now stand once again and at the mark you made for the Bottom Center put the tape around your hips and take the measurement around your hips at that point (8).
  • Put another mark at the half way point between your Bottom Center mark and the bottom of the belt.  Now take a measurement around your mid hips at this point and record it below (9).
  • Take the measurement from the bottom of the belt to the point under the arm where the corset is to end on the side (10).  It is best to keep the arm down while taking this measurement and allow some room for your arm to move comfortably. 
  • Take the measurement from the bottom of the belt to the point on the hip where the corset will end on bottom side (11).  This should be a point about at the level which you take your mid hip measurement.
  • The last two measurements are taken from the bottom of the belt to the top back center (12) which should be a point just below the shoulder blades, and waist to bottom back center (13) which should go down to a point just above the tail bone. 
  • Also, provide me with your overall body height, weight, and age.  Please note that it is my policy that I do not take on clients who are under 21 years of age.   I have a more detailed explanation of my policy here.
  • Complete the guide by answering the questions that are relevant to you, and add any notes that you feel are important to your project.
Printable Form:





__________ (1) Natural Waist

__________ (2) Underbust

__________ (3) Cleavage

__________ (4) Bra Cup Size

__________ (5) Waist to Underbust

__________ (6) Waist to Bottom Center

__________ (7) Waist to Lap

__________ (8) Hip

__________ (9) Mid Hip

__________ (10) Waist to Top Side (under arm)

__________ (11) Waist to bottom side (on hip)

__________ (12) Waist to Top Back Center

__________ (13) Waist to Bottom Back Center

__________ (14) Height

__________ (15) Weight

__________ (16) Age

What is your desired corseted waist size measured around the corset? 
(inside measurement will be about 1" less than outside)

Material preferences:

Color preferences:

Do you consider yourself a tightlacer or an occasional corset wearer?

How often do you wear a corset and for how long? 
(if you wear it every day then please estimate how many hours daily)

Do you sleep in your corset?

What is your level of physical activity and fitness?

Other notes:

For Emailing Your Measurements you must
Download the Measurement form (Microsoft Word) file here 


- My Complete Confidentiality Policy -

You can rest assured that your information, photos, correspondence, and identity remain completely confidential.  It is important to me that everyone who contacts me feels safe and comfortable, and I never release customer information for any reason.  This includes all names, phone numbers, email accounts, and shipping addresses.

When customers wish to participate openly in my website it is only by their own submission and approval for all material and identification that they wish to post here.  I reserve the right to document and display the actual corset projects that I complete as a record of my work throughout my website, but I never place any identity to any of the pieces unless it is specifically requested by the customer.

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