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I was commissioned to design and produce a haute couture neck corset for the September 2011 issue of Vogue Italia.  This article and pictorial in tribute to Ethel Granger was created by photographer Steven Meisel, stylist Karl Templer, and model Stella Tennant.  The neck corset was fully boned and made of sheer nylon over satin with satin trim.  Not merely a fashion piece, but the real thing!

Special thanks to Stella, and to Elin Svahn for putting it all together.

These are my initial design sketches based on the measurements and contours of the model, Stella Tennant :


This is the finished neck corset on the fitting form.   I had sculpted the form for the project based on all the reference information, measurements, and photos of Stella that were provided for the shoot:


Here is the test fitting of the finished piece with Stella the day before the photo shoot in New York City, July 2011:


And the final photo...
Vogue Italia, September 2011.

Model: Stella Tennant
Photographer: Steven Meisel
Stylist: Karl Templer 



From 2010:


For the most exotic fetish enthusiasts a perfectly fitted neck corset is perhaps the ultimate personal experience, and when used in combination with a properly fitted body corset it creates a very powerful ensemble indeed.

I specially pattern each neck corset for every individual wearer.  There are no generically sized models and each can be made in the exact color and material that you desire.

I do require a personal fitting for any neck corset.

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