Contour Corsets for Men

Good enough to eat!  A matching pair of asymmetrical summertime corsets - a full Men's Redresseur design in medium beige poly mesh with chocolate accents on the left, and a Men's Underbust design in bronze tweed poly mesh with beige accents on the right. - 2013


Enhanced Femininity for Crossdressers
The Sweetheart Mid Hip Corset

After much research I developed a new kind of pattern that is made anatomically for a man that would give the flowing feminine lines of my woman's designs - and be comfortable!  I call this my Sweetheart model and it is for modest to low reductions (4-5" typical) but gives the appearance of much higher reduction through all three dimensions and when viewed at all angles.

This particular corset is a summertime design in lightweight poly mesh with powder pink cotton twill stays and trim.


Sweetheart style corset in royal blue and white cotton - 2012


Men's Long Hip Summertime Redresseur

This men's corset is a highly supportive design with extended length over the pectoral muscles and rising high over the back.  This corset has a masculine contour that accommodates prominent coastals that would otherwise make the wearing of a corset painful and allowing for more shaping in the waistline. 


Male Front Lacing Designs

Side view showing the hidden zipper closure.

The rear view.

With the front lacing design there is no need to reach around the back to put on, lace up, or remove the corset. 

I offer front lacing corsets that use a side hidden side zip closure and a heavy reinforced lacing guard to provide proper abdominal support.

The hidden zipper closure makes getting into a front lacer very easy!


Men comprise a large percentage of modern tightlacers worldwide, and I make patterns especially for the male body. 

I make designs for both masculine tightlacers and crossdressers alike, and my designs for men can be inconspicuous and supporting or curvy depending on the look and feel that is desired by the wearer. 

Email me about my corset designs for men:

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