Asymmetrical Supportive Corsets
Medical Corsets
and Back Braces
by Contour Corsets

Asymmetrical anatomical corsets are a specialty of mine, and over the years I have had more and more people coming to me for help with various medical issues that require a brace for support.  I have refined my patterning methods to design highly supportive braces that breathe and are comfortable to wear. 

For those who need to wear a brace due to hernia, back injury, scoliosis, lordosis, or spinal degeneration, then I can design a corset to help you.  Depending on your health plan, in many cases a supportive corset is covered as an appliance.  You may consult with your doctor as to whether a bespoke corset will help you, and they may wish to write a prescription for the corset under your plan. 


Some examples of my work:

 Posture corrective high asymmetry summertime corset in copper poly mesh with black patent leather stay casings and trim, and adjustable cross-back shoulder straps.  - 2014

Close up details of the posture straps and reinforcing gussets.

The posture straps have finished matte leather interiors and patent leather exteriors for better comfort.


High asymmetry summertime corset brace in silver poly mesh and gray cotton twill with black accent stitching, grommets, and lacing.  This was a very difficult pattern to make, as it is designed for corrective support for an individual with severe scoliosis.  Every panel in this unique corset brace is different, creating a highly intricate three dimensional shape that varies not only in the vertical and horizontal dimensions, but with varying degrees of depth as well, including a waist position that is slightly off center and tilted. - 2012


High asymmetry summertime corset in bronze tweed poly mesh with gold grosgrain stays 
and cocoa trim.  - 2013


Masculine front lacing corset brace with hidden side zipper closure in beige poly mesh with heavy duty lacing.  - 2012


High reduction mid hip asymmetric summertime corset (with forward extended left hip) in copper gold poly mesh and light cocoa cotton twill stays and trim, black detail stitching and heavy duty lacing. - 2012

Heavy duty sweetheart style summertime corset with special supportive asymmetrical pattern in dual layer black poly mesh with burgundy twill stays and trim and heavy duty black lacing and 6 detachable garters.  - 2013

There is an interesting 'box' appearance caused by the interference pattern between the two layers of fine poly mesh as light travels through the finished piece.  Panels are joined and reinforced with 6X stitching, and this heavy duty two layer summertime corset is as heavy, stiff, and unyielding as a full leather design, yet completely breathable. 


Special corrective brace with dual lacing systems (front and back) with hidden side zipper closure in powder pink and blue cotton twill.  - 2013

This special corrective/supportive design was created to allow for total adjustment of the overall shape and application of pressures for a customer with a severe spinal curve.  The dual lacing system allows the wearer to gradually change their shape and level of support over time.  With this design the pressures and curvatures in the back and front are independently adjustable, which will allow for a slow and gradual reshaping with constant support.


High reduction high asymmetry summertime corset (with prominent right hip) in medium beige poly mesh and detachable garters. - 2012


Good enough to eat!  A matching pair of asymmetrical summertime corsets - a full Men's Redresseur design in medium beige poly mesh with chocolate accents on the left, and a Men's Underbust design in bronze tweed poly mesh with beige accents on the right. - 2013


Special asymmetrical summertime corset in bronze tweed poly mesh with cocoa cotton twill stay casings and trim and detachable garters.  - 2012

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