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Ultimate Leather style extended male corset with exterior panels of fine cowskin and fully lined in soft black lambskin (interior) and strong heavy cotton inner core.  - 2013

The interior of the Ultimate Leather design - 
Fully finished in luxurious leather!

Ultimate Leather interior - completely smooth.


Camel leather garter corset with removable locking belt option, hidden zipper front closure, and eight integrated adjustable garters. - 2012

Details of the corset, belt, and garters....

Inside of the corset with a view of the integrated garters - they are adjustable from the inside and keep the smooth appearance of full leather outside.


Male front lacing corset in black leather with hidden side zipper closure.  - 2013


 New Garter Corset Designs
This is a scooped open bust garter corset with adjustable anatomically contoured shoulder straps and hidden zip closure. It is made in brick red and black cotton brocade with burgundy patent lambskin accents and trim.  This highly contoured design is made with integrated adjustable garters that feature my new garter cover option.  - 2012

Close up of the contoured adjustable shoulder straps and leatherwork on this unique corset. 

To give the appearance of a smooth leather strap as a functional garter without the traditional ruffling I made extended leather covers through which adjustable elastic garters are placed.  The result is a functional garter strap that is adjustable and maintains the necessary tension on the stockings with a new fetish look.


Gentleman's leather underbust corset - 2011.


The "Ultimate" Contour Leather Redresseur Corset

This is a very special design and construction that incorporates the finest Italian lamb leather both inside and out for the ultimate leather experience.  I call this my Ultimate Leather Corset.  It is meticulously crafted from superior hides that I personally hand select for each project.  It is simply a leather lovers dream come true! 

(This particular piece shown also has double heavy steels throughout and extra thick stay casings which made it the stiffest and heaviest Contour Corset to date.)

The inside of the Ultimate Leather Corset - all completely soft supple leather.


Red and black leather premium locking model redresseur corset. 


Leather Redresseur Corset

Calf leather outer cover with heavy cotton core and zipper closure.

There is nothing in the tightlacing world that compares to a perfectly fitted and contoured Leather Corset.  The tactile feel, texture, weight, and even the wonderful smell of a leather tightlacing corset is incomparable.   I offer my designs in leather, with a cotton core, lacing guard, flat steel or spiral steel stays, heavy steel reinforced busk, and additional internally integrated reinforcements with triple stitching for maximum strength.  My corsets come standard with a hidden heavy duty zipper closure, but can have a traditional steel busk closure as well.

If you wish to inquire about a sensuous leather corset to highlight your own corset collection then please email me for a quote:

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