Welcome to The Francast - the podcast about all things Fran. 

Episode 8:  Beauty
Is there in truth no beauty? 
I take some time to ramble on about my later-aged perspective on this.  
Is it even real?  Well, no - but so much for the short answer.

Episode 7: The Big Circle
It's been a hard week for me, so please permit me to be a bit hard on myself.

Episode 6: The Tranquility of Overwhelming Purpose
What is purpose?  Is it real?  Is it even necessary? And what do we do with and without it?  Much to think about.

Episode 5:  Time
Time... is flowing like a river.... to the sea.

Full disclosure - I am not an astrophysicist.  Please refer all questions to Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson.  Thank you.

Episode 4:  You've Got To Earn This
I reflect on what it means to be successful, and how I gauge self-worth in an environment rich in both praise and criticism. 

Episode 3: Autism
A Frant on some of the things that I have come to know really make Fran "Fran".

Episode 2: Film
I comment on the real meaning of film and review the new epic documentary Apollo 11.

Episode 1: Books Video And Stuff
Musings on what it means to collect books and I reflect on my life long love of video.


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