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November 30, 2012
Neil deGrasse Tyson was asked by the Templeton Foundation to answer the question "Does the Universe Have a Purpose". Here in this video, Dr. Tyson tells it just like it is!

November 29, 2012
This is my weird remix of a Dan Tullis Selectquote commercial that I made for the Irwin Show on WFMU in 2011.  

November 28, 2012
In this vlog I show a little prop I made some 20 years ago that packs a mighty whollop.... of fun! I explain some of the principles involved, just in case you're curious - or you can just watch me burn things with 10,000 volts of electricity. Enjoy!

November 26, 2012
When you buy grommets by the gross (12 dozen=144) they come mixed together along with the washers in one box, which is really annoying, and in this vlog I show how to quickly separate grommets and washers in bulk by simply using a recycled cardboard box. 

November 25, 2012
This is a short vlog about the joy of long distance radio listening and a little explanation about what makes it possible. It is 4:15 so you can skip the science and just turn on an AM radio and enjoy. 

November 24, 2012
Fran's Steel Shaping and Tipping Techniques! In this little vlog I show how to shape and tip steels to make your own corset stays using a special grinding station, industrial heat gun, and off the shelf powder coating. I go over safety, grinding and tipping technique, and show you how it is done. 

November 23, 2012
He pities the fool.

November 22, 2012

November 21, 2012
Will we ever run out of music?  Vsauce investigates -

November 20, 2012

November 19, 2012
Here is my first full HD video blog!  In it I demonstrate some of the special tooling I made for creating my heavy duty lacing systems.  How heavy duty are they?  Watch and find out!

November 17, 2012
True.... I do post an awful lot of YouTube videos.  But I have good reason to, because YouTube is the new Encyclopedia Humanica - full of cats, yes - but also full of knowledge.  This guy here says it best in (yes!) another YouTube video!

November 16, 2012

November 15, 2012
Servotron live....
Welcome humans - we will kill you now!

November 14, 2012
Ooops.... I skipped a day in my blog!   While I get to my work day, here is yet another goofy video from my science lab.  Hard core nerd?  We prefer the term "geek", actually.  Enjoy!

November 12, 2012
Make your own video microscope!

November 11, 2012
Sure, a 67°f day like today in the middle of November can seem nice in Philadelphia.
But it's not supposed to be warm in November.
Does that not concern you?
It sure worries me.

November 10, 2012

The first rule of Tesla Fight Club is that Tesla Fight Club is completely friggin awesome!

November 9, 2012
Jeri Ellsworth shows off her C-64 bass.  How friggin cool is that????

November 8, 2012

Partisan politics or the continuation of a very old war?
You decide!

 The 2012 Electoral College results by state

The 1864 Civil War map of Union (blue) 
and the Confederacy (red)


November 7, 2012
Four More Years for President Obama -
and Moving Forward in America
My voting experience in Pennsylvania, 2012

True story.  I arrived early to the polling place on Tuesday, which this year is at the Temple down the street.  I entered the parking lot, it was not that full.  I entered the building and there was no line, and no waiting, so I headed right over to the sign-in table. 

Now, in Pennsylvania in October a judge had stricken down the motor voter law which was intent on requiring that registered voters also present a state issued ID to be able to vote.  I knew that this law was no longer in effect, and I personally believe it to be unconstitutional, so I knew I would not show my drivers license even if they asked.  I am a registered voter, and like everyone else in the roster I can place one vote.  End of story.

There were three white women of retirement age personing the sign-in table, with two lines.  I approached one and the woman took my voter registration card and looked up my name.  She found it and asked me to sign the register.  She did not ask for any ID.  I signed my name, and she handed me a piece of paper that simply read "READY TO VOTE". 

Right next to me in the other line was a mature African American man, a bit older than me, and dressed similar to myself.  He stated his name, and the woman at the table found him in the voter register.  She did not ask him for any ID either.  She asked him to sign the register, and he did.  Then this exchange...
Woman: "That is not your signature."
Man: "Of course it's my signature."
Woman: "Well, it doesn't look like your signature!"
The man said calmly, "It is me."
The older white woman reluctantly handed over a ready to vote card to the African-American man with a clear look of suspicion on her face.  The man took the card, and turned to me with an expression on his face that white people seldom understand.  It was a defeated look of capitulation to what I could only assume was a lifetime full of mandatory discrimination by white people.  But he voted.  And I voted.  We left the building at the same time - I felt elated - I voted!  The man, however, did not leave the polls smiling. 

But behind this all too typical story there is another truth.  The truth about America is that America is changing.  Rapidly.  The majority of young adults in this country identify as atheist, and without political party affiliations.  They will not be so destined as their parents to grow up indoctrinated into the long traditional institutions, both corporate or religious, that have always held the seats of power in this country.   This election shows that America is just over the tipping point - and America is going to change - not going back to the ideals of the mid-19th century, but ahead into this 21st century.  These powerful conservative institutions will no longer be able to control the voting of the new majority of the American People, no matter how much money they acquire, no matter how much they try to spin fiction into facts, no matter how much they promote fear, no matter how much they deny science, or reality, or how pervasively they blitz the public with disinformation and loud advertising.  From here on out this new America will no longer buy it.  Young Americans will just no longer listen to those voices, because this emerging America is not homogenous - it will not be made up entirely of people with similar heritage -  this will be an America where for the first time the majority will be made up of people who come from all over the REST of the world.  These 21st century Americans have their own individual heritages and experiences, and they will not be so easily bought, or made to conform, or driven to fear the future, or made to hate people who are different, or convinced to fear the world. 

People of any select decent will no longer be the majority here, and I for one think that this is a good thing.  Because the promise of the United States belongs to the world, not just a few.  The outcome of this election served to tell us that the time for this is at hand.  This is after all America....  the great melting pot...  and we do evolve. 

   As Dylan wrote for the ages - the times they are a changing.... still... and forever. 

 Beware of corporations - and trust in the will of people for change.

November 6, 2012
Don't read my BLOG!
Get out and

But for those of you who did vote already today (or not US citizens) then here is a little something for you....

November 5, 2012
I urge all of you in the US to set your alarm clocks tonight,
get up tomorrow, and get out and vote.
My good friend (and former neighbor) Jill Sobule -


November 4, 2012

November 3, 2012
For those of you who read my blog and want to help some of those effected by the hurricane, please reach out and help my friends at WFMU - the nation's premiere independent freeform radio station.  They are located in Jersey City, New Jersey, and their transmitters have been off the air since the storm hit.  They need your help to get back up and running.  Thanks!

"Hi Mom!!!  Guess where I am!"
Curiosity took its first self portrait and emailed it home this week.
Check it out full size on the NASA website!

November 2, 2012
Many of my friends in New Jersey and New York have been hit hard by the hurricane and my thoughts go out to all of them.  If you want to donate to any of the relief efforts I urge you to donate direct to local groups instead of the large relief agencies - that way your donations go right to those who need it right now. 

Posting more science stuff here just to get away from the serious business...  A couple weeks ago I posted a video of my Nixie Test, and I have since gotten the whole system together.  This video shows phase two of my Nixie counter project, where I have combined the 4-bit digital control circuit to the high voltage side by way of an array of MPSA42 transistors.  Some more tweaks and such to do, but I will publish the technical data for the project after I get the whole thing condensed down to one board in phase 3.   Enjoy!

November 1, 2012
Back to the daily grind for me today,
but so many people lost so much this week.
 Imagine all the people...

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