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Welcome to my daily update page!  What does this mean?   This is the place where I will post things of interest, stuff about  science, the purely entertaining, corsetry, my side projects both past and present, and any other thing that I feel like sharing.  Enjoy!

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July 30, 2014
On my wall in the sewing shop - original 1948 Billie Holiday concert poster:

July 29, 2014
Missy takes a break in the sewing shop... 

July 26, 2014
A really shaky view of street biking at 25mph in center city Philly traffic - - Here I tried a smartphone mount on my new Jamis Alegro competition street bike thinking it would be awesome - but man, without an isolation mount it is just shake city for the camera!  Definitely needs some work.   Oh well.... 

July 24, 2014
 I got a nod on the Adafruit Blog about the Popular Science article and the new Dinosaur Den Show!  Thanks Gals (and guys)!

July 23, 2014
The CBM (Commodore) poster in Bil's lab - Now that's what I call a Pin-Up!

July 22, 2014
We're Baaaack! Fran gets a robot voice and Bil tells how he lost his finger - it's fun for the whole family in Dinosaur Den #3 - Workbench Essentials!  In this episode Fran and Bil do some more space news - Fran Space News in fact - and then they get right into the basics of what you need to set up your own electronics workshop, including basic safety.  To put a fine point on it Fran and Bil recount their own stories of near misses and direct hits in the danger zone.  Enjoy!


July 21, 2014
From NASA, Apollo 11 Mission Audio - Day 5, with Moonwalk...

July 20, 2014
45 Years Ago Today - First Moonwalk
Why isn't July 20 an American National Holiday??? 
I mean, really!

July 19, 2014
From NASA, Apollo 11 Mission Audio - Day 1 

July 18, 2014
Fran In Print, 1995-2014:
Since the Popular Science article is on news stands I thought that I would go into my library and go down the trail of mentions of myself in print over the past two decades...

July 17, 2014
Me and Ben - at The Franklin Institute.

July 16, 2014
The new August 2014 edition of Popular Science Magazine has an article about Franlab!

My workstation is very proud indeed!

photo by Ray Lego

July 9, 2014
Dave Jones test the LVDC Board and gets some live readings!

July 8, 2014
Updates about this very busy week -


July 6, 2014
Me and Bil return for the second installment of The Dinosaur Den!  This time we've got some cool viewer mail, new space news, a peek at a very rare Commodore prototype computer, and we attempt to revive a Fender Dimension IV static echo delay.

July 3, 2014
Now THIS is a Centerfold!
U-S-A!  U-S-A!  U-S-A!!!

July 2, 2014
Full Page Moon Ads!

July 1, 2014
LIFE Magazine, August 8, 1969...

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