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July 31, 2012
In closing the first full month of Fransworld Daily Updates here on Contour I present this article - Wikipedia killed my dog - that I wrote back in August of 2008.  The article still remains true to this day, as subsequent references to my writings on corsetry have also since been deleted from Wikipedia.  So sad, so sad.  Well....  back to work!

July 28, 2012
Taking a couple days off of posting to catch up on sewing.... 

July 27, 2012
A really big piece slowly coming together - special dual layer black leather hobble corset with special features.  You will see more of this project in the weeks to come!

July 26, 2012
Chris Butler talks about his long time friend, a mythological woman named Fran.

July 25, 2012
Too busy to post - sewing - sewing - sewing!

July 24, 2012
I am working on a complicated piece today and have to get right to the sewing - The song of the day is a cover of a Link Wray classic performed by Southern Culture on the Skids - and note the awesome tone when he stomps on his three knob Frantone Peachfuzz for the solo!

July 23, 2012
Clip of the day: The High Numbers!

July 21, 2012
From my trip to NYC this week - a view of midtown from across the river in Hoboken NJ.

July 20, 2012
I found this article that features the neck corset I made for the Stella Tennant photo shoot published in Vogue Italia last September - 

July 19, 2012
I am in NYC all day doing my monthly big fabric and leather buy - 135 square feet of leather - that is a lot!  And it is so heavy! 


July 18, 2012
Today's musical interlude is the real deal - the genuine article...  The legendary Wes Montgomery!

July 17, 2012
A great episode from one of my all-time favorite shows - The Secret Life of Machines:



July 16, 2012
Here is a condensed posting of an interview I did this year for Effects Database about Frantone Electronics and my years in the boutique pedal business -



July 15, 2012
Another handy installment of "Fran Fixes It!" where I show how to replace the monitor cover of a Nikon digital SLR without taking the camera apart.  Disassembly is the long accepted method for this fix but that is unnecessary, as I will demonstrate - Fran knows best - and Fran Fixes It!


July 14, 2012
In this clip Vigilante Carlstroem of the legendary Hives stomps on his original yellow Frantone Vibutron.  He commissioned me to make the one-of-a-kind single knob Vigilantron to replace it in 2007, which is the white pedal he currently uses.


July 13, 2012
I still dabble in the Radio biz too.... here I am with X-Ray Burns (far right) on the Glen Jones show on WFMU in 2011.  Yes, I still use those same awesome Realistic headphones!!

July 12, 2012
Despite being very busy in the corset world I still strive for new innovations in guitar gear - the latest being The Frantone Fretboard!  I made this special recessed flat contour fretboard with a new type of scalloping technique I developed for one of my own guitars.  This new fretboard has allowed me to play guitar every day after a two year hiatus from playing due to arthritis.  Considering how much a difference this has made for myself I wonder what it can do for other players who are not at all limited as I am. 

July 11, 2012
Missy the corset cat takes a break from work for a hard earned game of Mouseball.  I pride in the fact that Contour Corsets are in large part cat made - claws and fabric are a natural combination.  Missy apologizes in advance for any fur you may find in your order.

July 10, 2012
This is the end scene and ending credits of a feature that I worked on from 1989 to 1992 called Mr. Flathead.  I wrote and recorded all of the music, did the special effects sequences, and created the opening and ending credits.  This is the kind of crazy stuff that you do when you are young! 


July 9, 2012
When I mention the best Pop Band in history you all know who I am talking about.  The band that was comprised of the the most visionary, influential, and ground breaking musicians of their time - the ones who fought for political change, spoke out against injustice, invented new sounds and new musical technologies, brought people together, and influenced an entire generation.  After them no music, art, or culture would ever be the same.  Of course, I am talking about Os Mutantes.


July 8, 2012
I always encourage skepticism.  Never accept any given knowledge as fact - thoroughly explore the possibilities for yourself, question everything, and educate your point of view by seeking accurate information from multiple sources.  Even then, keep news in context and take it lightly.  After all, no one ever records that 'this is so' without some reason for you the reader to believe it is so.  History books are as rife with fabrications as the news - and for all the same reasons.  Don't rest on your laurels and just take what you read or hear at face value.  Research it for yourself.  Be smart.... Be a skeptic!


July 7, 2012
In 1999 I caused a bit of a stir when a photo of me appeared in Stereophile Magazine.  It was from an article about our renegade tube hifi design show “New York Noise” that JC Morrison had put on with Tubeseville’s Blackie Pagano, along with myself and other notable New York audio designers.  I had dressed to impress as usual and the photo of JC and I that they published became a much talked about item.  No corset, but a home made leather outfit and latex opera gloves..... not too bad.  There is little evidence of the fact that we were up all through the night before wiring those immense speakers and setting up the space.  The show was a lot of fun, a great day, and one of those wonderful and rare events in time that you really remember.

July 6, 2012
For my own taste I think that nothing in contemporary music is more apt to be the soundtrack to the Steampunk sensibility then Mr B, The Gentleman Rhymer.  Take a look see!


July 5, 2012
I have had many careers.  When I was young I spent years in professional broadcasting, working as a radio DJ and announcer.  Here I am at the board of AM station WPDC in Elizabethtown, PA in 1993.  That 1950's era all-tube Gates equipment sounded amazing.  I was definitely 'dressed for radio' too.

July 4, 2012
Today is Independence Day in the US - the day that we Americans celebrate telling the British to get out of our country.  Suffice to say that King George did not take it well.  There was a lot of back and forth over several decades.  Forget soccer riots - the Brits burned down the White House!  Okay, it was a fair cop.  Good to know that we eventually sorted it all out and we are all friends now.  Hey- we even lended a hand and saved the British from the Germans when they went berserk.   But we Yanks still reserve this one day to reflect on all the fun that we've had together by blowing things up and drinking to excess.  What a dysfunctional family we have all been!  'Cmon then, put the kettle on - we'll all don tri-corner hats and grill up some hot dogs, flip on the Tele and watch Top Gear on BBC Two.  It's all good now - we can all get along.  Honestly...  don't shoot.

July 3, 2012
Many people these days know me only for my corset work, but many others know me only for my Frantone years and numerous electronic designs.   In March of last year I had a great honor when my Peachfuzz was voted one of The 42 best overdrive, distortion and fuzz pedals of all time.  Unknown to most I actually had two designs in the list, the second being my V9 EH Big Muff.  Don't tell anyone - it'll be our little secret.

July 2, 2012
Oh!  Still So Hot!  This heat wave is going to continue and I have a lot of email to catch up on, so why not stay in the musical mood....  This is a clip of me playing very loud and live with my band YooHoo way back in 1995.  Enjoy!

July 1, 2012

It is yet another hot day in King of Prussia, and a lot of sewing to do - so please enjoy the amazing Paul Gilbert in this Video of the Day!

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