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December 31, 2013
CCCP Soyuz star child wishing you in the capitalistic west of Earth a glorious new year! 

December 29, 2013
In this short vlog I go over the basic differences between Nixie tubes and Vacuum Florescent Displays.  These displays often get lumped together but they are very different, and not to be confused with each other.  I also give a nod to Dave Jones and his special holiday Mailbag where he unboxes the LVDC board.


December 26, 2013
Dave at EEVblog gets the Saturn V LVDC Board for Xmas!

December 24, 2013
Take A Train Ride Through Franlabsville! 

In keeping with my decades long Late December tradition, I have once again set up my Lionel Train set and Vintage Plasticville.... And this year it's at FranLab so you're all invited to take a ride with me through YouTube! Which reminds me... On the way home from the Gas Station can we stop by the Frosty Bar for a shake?  Please?  Pretty please???! 
Happy Holidays!

December 22, 2013
A love letter, straight from my heart - to the beautiful Light Emitting Diode!  In this vlog I go deep into my collection and show some of the very first LEDs ever made, review them in context of the history of LED's, and also show some of the coolest and weirdest kinds of LEDs that you'll see around. 

December 19, 2013
Red Moon!
On Saturday December 16th China became the third country to successfully land on the moon with The Chang´e-3 Lunar Lander, and also successfully deployed the Yutu (Jade Rabbit) Lunar Rover on Sunday.

December 17, 2013
This week my LVDC project conclusion got published on Hackaday.  I am pleased with how this all ended, not that I got to discover everything that I wanted to, but rather that I left enough mystery to entice other engineers to poke and discover for themselves.  In the next few weeks we should hear more about the LVDC board on tour! 

December 16, 2013
The Fran Analog Band With Buddy Woodward - Polk Salad Annie
Once again another analog construction at FranLab - This time with guest Buddy Woodward!  We lay down live-to-tape a 6-track cover rendition of the classic Tony Joe White song Polk Salad Annie.  Guitar, Short Scale Bass, Drums, Tube Amps, an all-tube reverb tank, a microphone, a tambourine, and a tape machine. Video shot live, no play acting.  As real as it gets - no tricks - all live to tape.  But don't you worry 'bout that none... any bum notes and you'll get 'em at half price!


December 15, 2013
The world lost Carl Sagan 17 years ago this week.  Carl was truly my first mentor, even though we never met. His books spoke to me with truths and the resolution that I could understand the world - know the world - if I just sought it out with science.  In his last interview Carl speaks about the last book he published in his lifetime, The Demon Haunted World, which if you do not own a copy I highly recommend that you should.


December 14, 2013
Another weekend.... Another batch of cookies!

FranLab Science -Powered by Cookies and a Cat.

December 12, 2013
I discovered only today that New Zealand's longest-running online daily news website, the Aardvark Daily, had published an article about me and my YouTube channel in October titled "Girls who do geek".  I am honored to be paired up with the very notable Jeri Ellsworth for this piece, and I will definitely have to work harder in the FranLab to earn this new status!

December 9, 2013
In the (final) conclusion for my part of the LVDC Project I went back to the workbench to find the best way of depotting these logic devices without destroying them, and if I could do that successfully then I would try to verify the circuits inside by comparing them against the available data in several documents found online. 

December 7, 2013
You've Got DADGAD!
Renowned Bluegrass musician Buddy Woodward stopped by the studio this week to lay down some tracks at FranLab (yes it is also a studio!).  Here in a quick video Buddy describes the origins of DADGAD tuning and performs She Moves Through The Fair on my Granddad's guitar, in the classic arrangement by Davey Graham.

December 4, 2013
Emily Graslie has a great rant this week on The Brain Scoop about the shortage of STEM channels on YouTube that are created by or hosted by women, and the sexist flak that we all get putting science content out there.  Everything that Emily says here is true!  And it is indeed a very short list of women's STEM channels, considering the more than 1 billion viewers per month of YouTube worldwide.  But guess who's little STEM channel made the list!  Could it be..... mine???  Damn straight! 

December 2, 2013
The conclusion for my part of the LVDC Project. You can find details and photos posted on my Science Blog too - Apollo Saturn V LVDC Board Teardown, Part 2

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