Contour Corsets Customer Gallery
This is the new and ever evolving page where my customers can tell their tightlacing tales, leave unedited corset comments, and of course show off their amazing figures! 

I encourage my customers to participate here, and share their experiences.

If you would like to be in the Contour Corsets Customer Gallery, then please email me your comments and pictures for this page and I will post them here verbatim.    -  Fran 


 I have been wearing off-the-shelf corsets for a number of years now as part of my dressing style and over all look.  While the results have been generally positive and have helped me achieve the look I love, I have never felt totally comfortable in them or that they were really me.  Then with the help of a friend, I discovered Fran and had her produce my first hand made, custom designed, made-to-measure corset.  What a difference!  I absolutely love the corset she produced for me.  The fit and feel are truly perfect in every possible way.  I wear it quite often and am currently in Fran's queue to have a second one produced with another inch of reduction.  I can hardly wait to receive it and start wearing my custom made corsets many days each weak.  I suspect a third may be in order as well. 

I am a 40 year old mother of four from Norway who loves fashion.  Thierry Mugler and other classic designers who produce suits and dresses requiring a nipped in waist are some of my favorites.  I am inclosing a few photos of me in my black satin with black leather trimmed corset that I wear regularly with my girdles.  You can also see the look it produces under some of my favorite jackets and a classic Ungaro dress.  Wearing my corset as an outer wear item to show it off is also such great fun.  It inveriably produces lots of "looks" and comments. 

 Helena (Norway), August 2015


 Like Fran said, ďthey look good enough to eatĒ, well, they are just as delicious to wear.  I had only given Fran a general idea of the colors I wanted in the poly mesh summer corsets.  I had asked Fran to choose the colors and material because I know nothing about material and my color matching is after all, well, guy.  The colors came out wonderful.  When I first saw the corsets on her web page I thought that surly those cannot possibly be mine, they were just too perfect.  Some things are just best left to the professionals.

Fran had to redesign my pattern to account for a right side asymmetry which I really did not know existed when I placed the original order.  This asymmetry was much greater than I had imaged and after taking a series of measurements, and photos from the rear she noted an asymmetry of about half an inch.  In my 60ish years no doctor has ever mentioned anything to me about parts being that much out of whack.  It is no wonder that things ached.  With these new corsets nothing aches or pinches anymore.  They are both an absolute dream to wear. 

I cannot say enough about Franís designs, skills, abilities, and attention to details.  If you want something done right she is the one to do it.  She is one awesome, talented lady.

GL (USA), June 2013


"This is my second corset by Fran and it fits me like a glove. She also made a wonderful new collar and cuffs for me to match. They are super comfortable and fit me without leaving floppy excess straps like cuffs from most BDSM supply shops.

 I've always known I squish well, but getting higher reductions is nearly impossible with something off the rack. Standard-sized corsets are not made for someone like me with little ribs but big hip bones. I walked into Fran's shop, she told me she was actually happy I was so curvy and that I'd fit just right with one of her patterns.

I love that every corset she makes is a completely different shape true to the exact person wearing it. One of the first things that attracted me was the fact that her corset shapes were so different from what you see on most sites. When you put it on, the feeling that it fits perfectly in every little spot is awesome.

Fran has been incredibly helpful with my last two orders and answers all of my questions, even when I sometimes panic in the middle of the night about possibly forgetting to tell her something. In the end, everything is made with care and attention to every specification. Her work is beautiful and I'm sure to be back again."

Arty (USA), July 2012


"We received the corset we ordered a couple of days ago, and it is absolutely gorgeous.  I can honestly say it is the most beautiful -- and beautifully tailored -- piece of clothing I have ever worn (maybe equipment is a better word?).  You are an incredibly talented seamstress and artist.  Thank you so much for all your work in creating this lovely and useful piece."

April (USA), July 2012

 "Fran's work is absolutely amazing!  Her designs are practical, robust, and elegant.  As an engineer myself, I have high standards for myself and was very pleased to see even higher standards in her corsets.  The zipper is very sturdy and convenient to use.  Likewise, the lacing system is smooth and holds knots very well.  These features and others, bring corsetry into the 21st century.  Fran is knowledgeable, professional, and overall very pleasant to work with.  Thank you very much!" 

Eric (USA), March 2012


Another great video from Honey Rose - 
This time about corsets, flowers, and an inspirational song.


Contour Corsets - Out in the Wild 
A customer shows off her wonderful garden - and her Contour Corset!

Hi Fran,

 I just wanted to tell you how much I love my new corset! The quality, beauty and attention to detail, are absolutely excellent. It fits me like a comfortable glove with a nice firm even pressure. From the first day I received it, I had no problem sleeping 8 hrs in it!  In a word "PERFECT"!!!!

Thank you again for all your help,

Lori (USA), Jan. 2012


Black bengaline underbust corset with black grosgrain stays, 
handmade white satin piping accents and trim.

Black poly summertime corset 
with pewter metallic stays and trim.
 Hi Fran,

Just had to take a moment to tell you how incredibly different your corset is from every other Corsetiere I've tried over the last 20 years. Comfortable isn't usually a word associated with Men's corsets and yet your corset is not only the most rigid (by a mile), well constructed, perfectly measured, LIGHT, ridiculously easy to lace, innovative and effective liners AND with ZERO pressure points that its actually... Comfortable!! I'm stunned. The difference is literally light years apart. I could not recommend you highly enough. Thank you!

In fact... I'm writing to order another in a different color! :)

Thanks again Fran!!

All the best!

Steven (USA), Jan. 2012

"Many thanks for my Contour corset that I received about two months ago. Since that I have worn it for about 12 hours per day. My body is now well "moulded" around my corset, and very easy to wear. It keeps my body very straight, and it is a great pleasure to live with this friendly support. I advise every woman or man who wants to tightlace seriously that Fran makes very sufficient and comfortable corsets."

- Pierre (France), November 2011.

Beige satin long hip redresseur style corset.


Black poly mesh summertime corset
with red stitching accents.
"Your corsets have been my constant companion on my tight lacing journey" 

- Lilith (USA), 2011

Referring to the Ultimate Leather Corset:

"I wanted to thank you very much for the wonderful corset, it is just great, exactly what I was thinking about and it fits perfectly. It is so stiff that right now it is just beginning to take the shape of my body.
Your lacing system is incredible, in my former corsets it took hours to tighten it and the pressure was not evenly distributed thus making it uncomfortable; your corset is laced in one minute, tighter and more comfortable." 

- anon. (France), 2011

The Contour 'Ultimate Leather' style corset in black leather inside and out, hidden heavy duty zipper closure, plus extra heavy steels all around.


Dragonfly satin front lacing corset with hidden side zip closure, detachable garters, and hand made satin ruffling.

I noticed the photos of my corset you made earlier this year in your (corset) gallery. Looks great and I am pleased to see it there.  It is the nicest and best corset I have.  It also fits perfectly.  You are to be congratulated. You are a true corset designer and craftswoman. 

- G. W. (Australia), 2011


I have been wearing corsets for the past ten years to help with a scoliosis problem from my teenage years.  This is the first corset ever that has been totally and completely comfortable from the very first day.  I contacted Fran and discussed the issues I have with my back and also the problems I have experienced with previous corsets.  Fran is an absolutely wonderful person to work with.  She took her time and reviewed everything I sent her.  She made several recommendations and I settled on a corset made with the new poly mesh fabric.  This fabric is truly wonderful.  It is strong, cool and does not produce a bulky corset that traditional fabrics do.  The bulkiness of my other corsets required me to wear jeans a size larger in the waist but with the poly mesh corset I am able to wear my regular clothes.  I actually need to use a smaller notch on my belt when I am wearing the corset than I do without the corset on.  With my other corsets I have had problems with pressure points along the hip bones and the lower ribs.  With this new poly mesh fabric, coupled with Fran's design, I do not have any sore spots even at the end of a long day.

The Tank Liner is also great.  It keeps some of the muffin top in check but more importantly it does not scrunch down and wrinkle up around the waist like the regular liners usually do on me.  This is the first time I have ever been able to go a full 24 hours and not have any wrinkles form in the liner.  If I wear dark colored cloths I will also put a black Tank Liner on over top of the corset to keep the color dark.

I have shown comparable pictures of the corset with both the white and black Tank Liners for contrast.  This is a man's Redresser Corset which is several inches higher than the under bust models. 

The comfort and support are truly amazing.  A real testament to Fran and her design and engineering skills along with a desire to help people.

- G.L. (USA), 2011

Fran is a pleasure to work with. She easily answered the questions I had about past corsets Iíve owned, and was able to help me determine which of her styles would suit me best. Iíve had a lot of issues with fit previously, but with her recommendations the corset she sent me fits perfectly. The corset itself seems to be the result of years of study. Itís functional---you donít have to spend ten minutes trying to get into it, and the look of it speaks for itself. Even the inside is as beautiful as the outside, which really improves the comfort level during several hours of wear. There really is no comparison to the amount of work that goes into a Contour Corset; it is worth well beyond what you pay for it. 

- Hayley (USA), 2011

Fran made me a corset with a very graceful wasp waist cut, very smooth, comfortable fit that feels like a firm hug. This is my first corset with a zipper, and it's fantastic.  Really nice workmanship.  Quite a piece of engineering.  I will want to order a second corset from Fran in the future. 

- Patricia (USA), 2011

- Black cotton twill underbust daily wear corset with poly grosgrain stays.


(Photos by Hromovy)
Laurie has contributed two photos of her new Contour black and royal blue twill underbust corset. 

An excerpt from a customer's website about Contour Corsets:

"Fran Blanche of Contour Corsets is a woman who is a very highly skilled craftswoman and design engineer. I have personally been in contact with her in the past and she is quite articulate and intelligent. She is more than qualified to build a custom corset and comes highly recommended in my book. Fran is one of the most highly skilled individuals I have run across in a long time. She has quite an extensive library on every aspect of corsetry and tight lacing. She is highly gifted in high end electronics, a talented musician, design engineer, skilled craftswoman, and clothing designer. Check her website out. You will be impressed just like me."

You can read more about Francine's life story and her experience with my work here.


"We are so pleased with the corset you made for me. I attempted waist training in the past with off the rack corsets, and even some custom made corsets. However, my waist training only began in earnest when I was laced into your custom daily wear corset. Dare I say that progress is quicker in a Contour Corset? It is what I have experienced!"

- Laurie (USA), 2011

 Laurie wore her Contour Corset in white cotton twill for this fun burlesque photo series in January, 2011.

"I contacted Fran for a project that I  was not sure she would take. I have a strong desire for fetish wear and love corsets of all kinds. I really wanted a very restrictive neck corset made just for me. I have had others that just did not fit correctly. Being male, the challenge of restriction over the "adam's apple" is a real concern. Fran had me take several measurements before she took on the project. The result was amazing. She made a very restrictive, long, lace up neck corset that can totally keep my head from moving. (please see the black with red stitching neck corset on the site) She also made up an extreme posture collar for me that has double buckles in the back and when tightened, forces my head up and to the center. It is very well made and is exactly what I needed. I  will definitely be ordering more fetish items from Fran in the future. Fran took the time to really find out what I wanted/needed and then took the information, added her skill to make amazing things for me. I am sure she could do the same for you!"

-  JB (USA), 2010

- High Rise Neck Corset in black twill with red contrast stitching, 
dual locking Posture Collar in black leather.

ďI have worn corsets for over 15 years and Franís corset is the most comfortable I have ever owned.Ē 

-  Sherrie (USA), 2010

- Special Asymmetrical Summertime Corset in white cotton

"As a scientist I looked through the Internet and made orders to four different corset makers. Without hesitation and flattery let me ensure you that your corset was the best by all parameters."  -   (Russia), 2010

- High reduction corset in black and white cotton twill.


Kathy wears her Contour Corset in
black satin with rose floral embroidery, March 2010


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