Completely Individual Custom Corsetry By Fran!
Every corset I make is completely one-of-a-kind, from pattern to fabric to finish. 
Each piece is designed for each individual customer and every part of it meticulously made to the wearer's exact form and measurements.  There are no presized or generic corsets here!   To insure quality and superior function I use custom cut high tensile steels, state of the art materials, and unique construction methods to produce the strongest, longest lasting, and truest daily wear tightlacing corsets made anywhere.



Black satin redresseur corset with traditional
steel busk and detachable garters.

What defines a Modern Tightlacing Corset?
There are so many corset manufacturers in the world today but only a few make true daily tightlacing corsets.  It can be confusing.  What is the difference?   My corset designs break away from tradition and embrace modern technology.  My corsets are very rugged and durable and my shapes are dictated by anatomy rather than fashion.  There are some unique features that when used together do define what a modern tightlacing corset really is:
- Use of modern materials and construction methods
- Unique patterns for each individual
- True anatomical design
- Strong low friction lacing system
- Fully lined interior 
- Adjustable reinforced lacing guard
- Rigid reinforced busk
- Advanced closures
- Long wear life

My Contour Corsets Feature:

The Contour Heavy Duty Hidden Zipper Closure

I offer a heavy duty hidden zipper closure as standard on all of my corsets, and it is a very well tested concept that I have used in all of my own corsets for years.  The specially constructed hidden zipper offers the fastest, most convenient, and lowest profile closure for a corset.  I use the highest quality and strongest YKK zippers available. 

The most common question I get about this is ‘will it last’ and the answer is definitely yes!  To insure the longevity of the zipper closure all the wearer has to remember is to fully loosen the laces before trying to either zip up or remove the corset.  If that practice is adhered to then the zipper will last for the lifetime of the corset. 

And for those who prefer a traditional busk closure have no fear, I can make your corset with a busk as well.

I also offer the option of many different functional and
decorative zipper pulls that can ornament your corset.

The Contour Heavy Duty Hidden Steel Button Busk Closure

I am always striving to innovate corsetry and modernize the traditional ways to 21st Century needs, and so for those who demand the most from their corsets and desire the ultimate in secure closures I have created a unique heavy duty hidden steel button busk closure.  This exclusive front closure of my own design is completely invisible and flat, but also as quick and easy to set and remove as my standard hidden zipper closures. 

When combined with a multilayer corset design and heavy duty lacing, my Heavy Duty Hidden Steel Button Busk Closure creates the strongest possible corset.


Inside, a real steel busk. 
Very fast and easy to put on and take off!

View from the top, looking down - a flat front with a steel busk!

E-Z Glide Lacing System

One of the features that defines any modern tightlacing corset is a low friction lacing system.  The lacing system is truly the heart of any corset and I have spent years refining the strongest, stiffest, and lowest friction design, making mine the most effective lacing system anywhere.  The lacing systems in my corsets are not a decorative add-on, they are a rugged, complex construction that is fully integrated throughout the core of the entire corset.  This insures that my lacing systems never fail, never buckle, and perform effortlessly for the lifetime of the corset.

Integral Lacing Guard

All of my corsets have a firmly reinforced adjustable lacing guard that protects the wearer from the lacing system and completes the smooth interior for maximum comfort.  The guard prevents chaffing and also allows the corset to be worn for extended periods and at much higher pressures.

Choice of Lacing
Standard Lacing Colors:

 I use super strong and light weight polyester lacing as standard for all my corsets, which I stock in Black, White, Red, Light Blue, Light Pink, Lavender, Medium Gray, and Medium Beige.  I also offer Heavy Duty poly lacing as an option in a variety of colors which may be desirable for decorative outerwear or larger sizes.  The advantage of the standard lacing is very low profile, easy drawing and stowing of the laces up under the corset, and light weight.  Advantages of the heavy duty lacing is a bolder look and added strength for larger sizes.

Heavy Duty Lacing Colors:

This detail shows the difference in the weight and weave of the standard and heavy duty lacing by width and thickness. 

Rigid Busk

Every Contour Corset contains very rigid reinforcement in the frontal closure, whether you choose my heavy duty hidden zipper or a traditional steel button busk closure.  I hand cut high tensile strength steel for my closures which guarantees the front will remain straight and never 'cave in'.  The rigid busk is very important for a healthy shape and makes my designs the most substantial tightlacing corsets anywhere. 

Best Fitted Steels

I use various types of steels in my corsets to insure maximum comfort and support.  I custom cut, grind, and tip steels in-house for every Contour Corset - and whether the corset is for back support, waist shaping, rib contouring, or just for fun - I make sure that the choice and combination of stays is right for you.


Fully Lined Interior

The inside of a Contour Corset is completely smooth, with no overlapping seams or rough edges that would otherwise cause chaffing.  The reinforcements in the waist and lacing system are completely internal and integrated into the core of the corset for maximum strength and complete comfort.  All of the panels are triple stitched and steel stays are encased in my own custom made fully lined casings to insure that my corsets are the strongest and longest lasting true tightlacing corsets anywhere.

Asymmetrical Corsets 

Asymmetrical corsets are a specialty of mine.  I make supportive and corrective corsets for those with moderate to severe scoliosis or lordosis, or for those with back pain who need the support of a properly fitted corset.  I have scoliosis myself, a primary reason that I wear a corset, and the reason that I began to make tightlacing corset for myself was that my shape required a very asymmetrical fit.  Since my own corsets have to be quite asymmetrical I have become an expert in making supportive asymmetrical corsets for others.  A corset such as the one pictured on the left may seem strange but as a result of the radical asymmetry it is a perfect fit for the wearer, offering proper support with no pressure points.  Many people have unusual soreness at specific points with their standard bought corsets.  If this is true for you it is most likely because you have some asymmetry and are trying to press yourself into a symmetrical corset, and you may want to try an asymmetrical corset that is made to your actual contours instead.

High Reduction Corsets

To the right is a high reduction corset in powder pink and off white cotton twill. 

Real dedicated tightlacers need a truly substantial daily wear corset, and I have been constantly researching improvements in construction and materials to extend the life of daily wear corsets to well over 10,000 hours or more. 


Contour Front Lacing Corsets

Front lacing corsets are easy to put on and adjust, and they are a good choice for those who might have difficulty reaching around their back for a conventional design.   The front lacing designs do work best for those with a modest amount of waist reduction.  My front lacing designs have a hidden zipper closure on the side with an internal zipper guard, and a heavy steel reinforced lacing guard which acts as the rigid busk.  This front lacer is made in dragonfly satin brocade with genuine hand stitched satin ruffled accents and detachable garters.

Back Support

My tightlacing corsets can be made with a long back for increased support.  High rising designs like this black twill and satin corset to the right also provide for greater rib compression and wider curves for serious tightlacers who are recontouring their upper body in addition to reducing their waist size. 

Your average off-the-rack corset
A Contour Corset

Each Contour Corset is individually designed and hand crafted by Yours Truly to conform perfectly to the unique shape of the wearer.   This is because each individual pattern is drafted and designed directly from the customer's measurements to follow their true anatomical form. 

The hidden beauty of my work is the superior construction in every corset I make.  I use state of the art materials and modern fabrication techniques to insure that the strength and durability of my tightlacing corsets is second to none.   I am a tightlacer myself, so I am my own most demanding customer as well.  Now you can benefit from all of my hard earned research and development by having a Contour Corset of your very own, and knowing with confidence that you wear one of the best engineered corsets in the world. 

Prices for my custom made corsets vary.  Actual cost for each order is determined by the overall size, materials, options, and accessories you choose.  You will find my basic pricing and options here on my pricing page.  Feel free to email me with any questions you may have.  Although I am very busy I do personally reply to every inquiry. 

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