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This is a new page where I list interesting projects that I have done.  I will add to the page as I have time, so check back every so often for the updates.  Enjoy! 
Updated March 18, 2015

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Summertime Waist Training Corset in Beige Poly Mesh with Powder Blue Twill stays and trim and beige lacing, with detachable garters. - 2015


Summertime Waist Training Corset in Silver Poly Mesh with Violet Twill stays and trim, black grommets, and purple lacing. - 2015

The back and a detail view.

Fit for Cleopatra! 
Summertime Waist Training Corset in Blue Sky Poly Mesh with Gold Grosgrain stays, 
Gold Satin trim, and Beige lacing. - 2015

The back and a detail view....


 Shapely Underbust Corset in Black Satin with Black Leather stays and trim.  - 2015

A nice combination - detail view of leather on satin.


 Asymmetrical Tightlacing Corset in Burgundy Satin with 8 detachable garters.  - 2015


 Sweetheart Style Two Tone Leather Corset with Teal panels and Black stays and trim.  - 2014


 Supportive Asymmetrical Summertime Corset in New Blue Sky Poly Mesh with matching pastel blue patterned cotton twill stays and trim and reinforcing winged gussets.  - 2014

Detail views of the corset interior....


 Front Lacing Corset in Two Tone Leather with hidden side zip closure.  - 2014

View of the back of the corset.


 Supportive Summertime Corset in Pearl Poly Mesh with reinforced waist, pink grosgrain stays, and rose pink trim.  - 2014


 Men's Style Heavy Duty Summertime Corset in dual layer Copper Poly Mesh with cocoa leather stays and trim.  - 2014


 Supportive Men's Style Summertime Corset in Grey Poly Mesh with matching grey twill stays and trim and grey heavy duty lacing.  - 2014

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